I'm incredibly excited to become an author! It's honestly something I said I'd never do, but when Amberley Romo approached me with this topic it was such a natural fit. So I'm thrilled to announce my new book, The Art of the Subtle Subtweet.

The Art of the Subtle Subtweet cover.

This book is chock full of everything you need to become a subtweet artist.

  • Waiting the perfect amount of time
  • Picking your subjects
  • Plausible deniability
Not to mention, a deep dive into my greatest subtweet hits. You'll get exclusive access to all the details, including who they're about!

When you're done reading, you too will have people asking "was that a subtweet?". I hope I've piqued your interest! More details on a publish date coming soon. You won’t want to miss this so be sure to join the mailing list below.

Ready to take tech twitter by storm? Join me.

Yours Truly,
Lady Whistledown